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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Kennedy Center, The Washington National Opera

My name is Jenn Bae and I am currently a senior Fibers Major. During the summer of 2014 I was a costume studio intern for the Kennedy Center and its affiliate, the Washington National Opera. Working with costumes has always been my dream job, as I have made costumes to wear with friends since I was in high school. I spent my junior year searching up any opportunities to work in a costume shop for the summer, which is how I ended up applying for the Kennedy Center’s internship program. I was selected out of many applicants for one of two internship spots for this costume studio.

These past ten weeks have been really exciting for me. I spent most of them ironing fabric, stitching garments, and being able to sit in during meetings and fittings. I learned so much while on the job, and I felt like this experience was very beneficial to me. I picked up many neat little sewing tips, and improved my hand sewing by leaps and bounds. I also became more confident in my stitching and dyeing skills, and spent time both in the main workroom on the sewing machine and the sergers, as well as in the dye kitchens and the craft rooms.

I am so happy and very blessed that I was able to experience these last ten weeks with the WNO, and I’m very pleased to say that they have asked me to stay on past the internship for two more weeks at the end of August right before school starts! This internship was an unpaid one, and as they are asking me to stay on for longer to assist the Crafts Supervisor with some dye work with two of the upcoming fall operas, they will also be paying me for the two week duration.

All in all, I had an immensely enjoyable experience with this internship, and it has helped me grow so much as an artist this past summer.

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