Thursday, October 30, 2014

Horst Baerenz-Cao

My name is Chris Nga Ha and I am a senior GFA major. During the Summer of 2014, I was a intern for Horst Baerenz-Cao, an artist who works and lives in Offenbach, Frankfurt, Germany.
I know Horst from Phuong, a very close friend of mine from Germany. She and I often exchange ideas and opinion of our works through email and phone calls. One day Phuong introduces me to Horst and shows him my works, as well as the thought of me looking for internship for the summer. Horst emailed me and asked if I want to intern for him. It was a very unexpected opportunity for me to work and travel Europe at the same time; I was delighted to accept the position.
I spent two months in Germany working as artist assistance in his office. Besides helping him with small tasks like preparing materials, cleaning and giving advices, Horst gave me the opportunity to learn and work on a project of my own, using a medium that I never tried before: print making. He provided me all the tools and material I need, giving me tips and critiques throughout my process.

It was fortunate for me that his represented gallery owner, Christine Wagner, came by and visited Horst, saw my work and asked for my permission to put my print in her gallery. It was the very first show of mine rather that MICA’s gallery. I know it doesn’t mean much but I learnt a lot about networking, presenting myself to the art world. . I think my internship was a success. I experienced professional working environment, I learnt new skills, receiving advices from a wise artist and I got my first show in Germany.

Graham Projects

My name is Melvin Thomas and I am a Junior Sculpture major. After participating in Introduction to Newer Genres with Graham Coreil-Allen during the Spring 2014 semester, I sought to explore my instructor’s public art practice. I found the possibility of assisting Graham in the realization of his public works intriguing since it was completely uncharted territory for me as an artist. Introduction to Newer Genres introduced me to a wide range of approaches to executing concepts employing video, performance, interactivity, and digital media. I saw working for Graham Projects as another opportunity to expand my range as an artist. Craving more, I decided to send my resume to Graham Projects after being informed by the artist himself that he was looking for an assistant.

Graham Projects is lead by the artist, Graham Coreil-Allen, as an independent public works entity. In recent years, Graham Coreil-Allen has taken participants on walking tours around various public sites in Baltimore City to capture the urban sublime. Architectural history, man-made paths and obstructions, as well as public site history are some of the many subjects the artist covers during his tours. Sites we overlook on a daily basis are highlighted and given terminology to activate these spaces.

Working as an assistant with Graham Projects has allowed me to refine and improve my understanding of architecture, video production, and group organization. Throughout my internship, I have managed crowds at Baltimore’s Artscape festival, documented public sites using video, and participated in the process of planning a public works. Even as a Baltimore native, I explored territory I have never seen. These experiences combined have opened my eyes to eccentric practices that will indeed influence my work as a sculptor

Wheatonarts and Cultural Center

My name is Melanie Hapner and I am a senior Fiber major.  During this past summer I was an intern at Wheatonarts and Cultural Center.  I always have had an interest in glass art, and when I had the opportunity to take the glass blowing course MICA has to offer at the Corradetti Studio, I wanted to further my knowledge about glass.  Wheatonarts is not too far from my home in New Jersey so as a child I was able to visit the community.  After the class with Corradetti I decided to email Wheatonarts about information for interning.  After speaking with Hank Adams, I was very excited to become an intern.

This has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I not only learned about glass art, but about life.  Living on a commune was a great experience and I met many people who I will continue to keep in contact.  I was also able to meet many glass artist and make connections for the future.  Everyday worked hard whether it was maintaining the facilities, repairing furniture, or helping run the bubble blowing event.  Glass blowing is a difficult skill and although I would not say I have portfolio worthy pieces, I have definitely furthered my skills and knowledge in the art.  I hope to return to Wheatonarts to work my way up to an assistant after I graduate, but if I do not, then I want to continue working with glass in the future.

I’m happy I chose Wheatonarts for my internship because it made me realize the direction I want to take my work and career.

DuJour Magazine

My name is Christina Kwiek and I am a rising senior graphic design major at MICA. This past summer I interned at DuJour Magazine in New York City, a luxury lifestyle magazine started only a few years ago. During my search for a summer internship towards the end of my junior year, I knew that I was interested in working in fashion and publication design, and also that I wanted to be in New York to really surround myself with the most successful and inspirational people I could that were currently working in that field. I reached out to Sarah Olin, the Senior Designer at DuJour Magazine, after finding it on a list of independent magazines with a focus on fashion being published in New York. After meeting with her over spring break for an interview, I was offered an internship position as the art/design intern at the magazine for ten weeks over the summer.

Working at DuJour was truly an experience unlike any other, and I can confidently say that it solidified my desire to work in the world of fashion publications post graduation this year. Working under both Sarah, and Stephanie Jones, the art director, I was able to work on a multitude of different projects and gain exposure to so many different topics and trends at the magazine. I worked a lot with the web editors throughout my entire time there, working to translate print stories to web and do image research for new visual approaches to the imagery on the website. As I worked longer at DuJour, I was eventually able to start working on layouts for actual pages in the magazine, and even ended up getting a photo collage I created published for one of the stories in the Fall 2014 issue of the magazine. I worked there basically from the conception of the Fall issue to its final production during my last week, and feel like I really came full circle in seeing the entire process of the art departments role in the creation of a quarterly magazine.

This experience was definitely unforgettable for me, and I feel like the connections I made both in and out of the office will be ones that will hopefully further pave the way for my own personal success in a career in fashion publication design.