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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CODE2040 + Jawbone

My name is Jordan Bradley and I am a Junior Interactive Arts major. Applying to CODE2040 was extensive and challenging. The process from start to finish took around 6 months to complete. As a part of the CODE2040 application, I needed to answer several essay questions, complete a technical programming challenge, and pass 2 phone interviews with CODE2040 administration. Even after successfully passing these screenings however, I had only been accepted as a finalist in the program. The second requirement was to secure an internship with a BayArea start up. After CODE2040 accepted me as a finalist, my application was sent off to CODE2040’s network of employers, some of which include Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Apple, Google, and Uber, among others. Those companies who'd shown interest in my application extended me an offer to interview. I would need to secure a position with one of them to satisfy all the requirements for being admitted as a fellow in the
CODE2040 fellowship. After a total of 6 interviews with Bay Area startups, I was finally offered a
position at Jawbone as a FrontEnd Engineer, and was fully accepted into the program.

As a part of my internship, I was tasked with rearchitecting the front end of one of Jawbone's developerfacing applications. The revamped developer application would allow third party developers to create apps for Jawbone’s UP24 fitness band through an improved frontend experience. First, the application went through a visual design process. Through each step, I sat in on meetings to discuss the direction of the design and weigh in on its functional implications. Throughout the design meetings, I needed to brainstorm what would be necessary to make the designs fully functional. In parallel to this design process, I took the visual design wireframes and began developing an information architecture. Given the data associated with a developer as he accesses his account through our application, I needed to design a way to best model the data programmatically so that a users information could generated efficiently on the server and rendered on the user's account.

Overall, I'm mostly proud of myself for making it through this experience. Aside from gaining connections, and learning more about my future career goals, I have become stronger as a person through my experience with CODE2040 and Jawbone. Throughout the course of the summer I have grown through several personal challenges, and work experiences that had never encountered before arriving in the Bay Area. I can confidently leave San Francisco as a more experienced engineer, entrepreneur, and young man, ready to take on what ever challenges await me at the next level of my career.

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