Monday, September 25, 2017

MTV News

My name is Julia Kim and I am a Senior Graphic Design major. During the summer of 2016, I was a UX and Product Design Intern for MTV News, a company that is owned by Viacom in New York. Viacom is the largest portfolio of ad-supported cable networks in the United States. It is also among the most vibrant, diverse and culturally relevant collection of brands in media and entertainment. Viacom Media Networks brands are divided into three groups: BET Networks, MTV, Comedy Central, Spike, TV Land, CMT, Logo, VH1, and Nickelodean Group. The team that I interned for sits under the Music & Entertainment Product Development Group. We are the UX & Product Design team and work on all products across the M&E brands.

It’s funny how I got this internship. I actually applied online through Indeed, and was scrolling and saw the title Viacom. I remember thinking, ‘Why not.” I uploaded my resume and gave my portfolio URL and I thought to myself that I probably wasn’t going to get a reply. A month later I had already had interviews with other companies and set my mind on one company. After I had said yes to this one place, I got an email from Viacom and they wanted to set an interview with me. I was going to cancel but decided to give it a try anyways. After I had the interview they told me that they wanted to have a second interview and I didn’t really care about it that much because I still had a feeling I wasn’t going to get it. For some reason out of all the companies I applied to I just didn’t seem to care at all about Viacom because I had such little doubt that I would get in. A few weeks later I got a call from Viacom saying that I had received the internship so I knew right then that I had to accept it. They were only looking for one intern to join their team and I ended up getting that position.

Interning for MTV News has been quite the experience. I have definitely learned a lot. On an everyday basis I would meet up with my mentor, Ashleigh, and she would tell me what my project was and explained what I had to do. As I work my mentor would come check up on me throughout the day to see if I was doing okay and would give me constructive feedback. Ashleigh is an amazing designer that really makes sure that I am doing okay and that I understand everything. She also made sure that we stay connected after my internship is over and if I had any questions during the school year that I should email her. The projects that I got to work on were mostly for the MTV News site. I got to design web banners for featured articles, design an author’s place holder, got to go out in the field with my mentor and ask questions to random people to test out our product, and more. I had a lot of fun. I even got to participate in a shoot for the MTVU television show. I also got to interview someone from Nickelodean, Comedy Central, and Spike.

I definitely feel that I have grown from this internship experience. I got to experience the corporate world and it was such a unique experience. Something I did learn from this internship was that I realized I do not want to continue as a UX and product designer. It was a very different point of view as a graphic designer and I felt like I didn’t get to do what I really wanted to do. My passion is branding and package design and I definitely wanted to explore many things as a designer but didn’t really get to do that at Viacom. I felt like because they already had a specific design already for their brand I wasn’t able to use my creativity and be spontaneous with my designs. I don’t regret this internship at all because it was an amazing opportunity to work at such a well known company and I definitely made a lot of connections. The most important part is, is that I have a clearer path of what I want to do after I graduate.

M Studio

My name is Sophie Fisher and I am a Junior Illustration major with a Book Arts concentration. This summer I was a design intern for a graphic design and public relations agency, M Studio, based in Asbury Park, a town known for its music and arts culture on the Jersey shore. I was searching locally for a creative work opportunity for the summer since I live in Asbury Park, and I quickly found and was captivated by the logos, branding and signage created by M Studio for local businesses I was familiar with, as well as their national work with brands such as Liquitex, Winsor Newton and many more. I had discovered a passion for graphic design and typography back in high school in my role as the art editor for the school’s newspaper and found that this interest would align with the design work done at M Studio.

I sent M Studio an email with a letter of inquiry containing a link to my website. The creative director, Jenna Zilincar, responded quickly. She was enthusiastic about my work and it just so happened that she is a MICA alumni, having graduated in 2002. We set up a phone interview for the next day, and after our discussion, I was accepted for the internship. My time at M Studio has been an invaluable experience. I attended morning meetings, met with clients, and worked on a variety of projects. This included laying out business cards, designing T-shirts, advertisements, and attending a photo and video shoot. I am most proud of a series of illustrations I created that will be used in the rebranding for one of their clients restaurants. I was able to see how a professional design studio operates on a day to day basis while working on deadline based projects for clients, and honing my skills in typography and design. I worked with an incredible team of professionals and observed the creative process of their  approach to initiating ideas and concepts into finalization.

This internship has given me insight into potential opportunities and directions there might be for me in knowing how I might apply my skills as an artist in the professional world.