Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cartoon Network

My name is Emily Brennan and I am a senior Film & Video major and Illustration concentrator. During this past summer of 2017, I was a video editing intern at Cartoon Network in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past few years of exploring video, I’ve narrowed my field of interest to the area of editing. I was interested in getting an internship during the summer before my senior year in order to get more experience, as I still considered myself fairly new to film & video (I had no experience with it prior to the spring semester of my freshman year).

During the spring semester of my junior year, I began to look at video editing/production internships, first around Baltimore and New York City, and then later expanding my search. A few weeks after my initial application to Cartoon Network, which is an opportunity I found online, I was lucky enough to get a callback for an online interview, and later a phone interview with my manager, Sara Griggs. A few days after the phone interview I was notified I got the position - from there it was just filling out paperwork, and then the trip down to Atlanta to start my internship.

As well as being my first internship, this was the first time I worked in an office, and the first time I would be in Atlanta. Everything about the experience was new to me. In addition to cutting daily preview clips for new episodes, I got to work on more expansive projects that would be shown to the public. While Sara was always available if I ever needed help, she was very hands-off when it came to the creative process and so I was able to see projects through from their initial plan to the final edit. Projects I was involved in include the app preview for the new mobile game “What’s Up Snoopy,” and themed recap videos for the animated TV show Steven Universe. Because of the workload, I developed a much more streamlined process and a better understanding for the technical side of editing. Additionally, I was able to work on some personal projects, such as an editing reel.

What was nice about working at Cartoon Network under the Turner umbrella, especially as a first-time intern, was that the video department was so small (essentially just Sara and me), which allowed me much more freedom and leeway to make mistakes, but I still had access to Studios, where many of Turner’s editors reside. I was able to meet many people working in the field I hope to one day be successful in and get some advice straight from the source. The environment was, unsurprisingly, incredibly corporate, and in the future, I think it would be beneficial for myself to try either interning or working at a smaller company for a while, to see if that would work better for my style. However, I still feel incredibly grateful for this experience, and I definitely feel that it’s helped me become aware of more defined steps I can take forward for my future career.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


My name is Drew Laskowski and I am a senior Graphic Design major. During the summer of 2017, I was fortunate to intern for Anti/Anti, a small graphic design studio located in New York City. Anti/Anti’s primary practice is in branding for both small businesses and large corporate clients. They bring a certain level of elevation to their work and believe that good design is built upon strong ideas. I found out about Anti/Anti in the spring of my junior year when I was starting my first internship search. I was unable to intern for the studio then as they had already found their summer interns. A tumultuous Fall 2017 offset my graduation date by one semester, and with the extra summer I was determined to intern at Anti/Anti. I applied in early January by emailing the studio and submitting my portfolio and resume. Within a week I was scheduled for an interview, and two weeks after that I was offered the internship.
The experience of interning at Anti/Anti was incredible! The interns delve right into real projects and serve as integral parts of the team. The studio was involved in a few large branding projects when I started, and I was able to work on collateral for Deutsche Bank, The Simons Foundation, as well as a few new small businesses in the city. Every day was a thrilling experience and I was genuinely happy to take a two-hour train ride into New York each day. The Creative and Art Directors teach at SVA and made efforts to ensure that the internship was a valuable learning experience. I was challenged daily to strengthen my creative skills and was encouraged to trust my gut instincts while designing.

The most worthwhile experience was being invited to sit in on client meetings and conference calls. I learned a great amount about negotiating and guiding a client through the creative process, skills I will take with me into my freelance practice. My internship at Anti/Anti occurred at the right time – with one semester of school left and with the prospect of job-hunting on the horizon, I can confidently say that I feel prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Creative Compositions Fine Art Photography

My name is Angelo Ries and I am a senior Photography major. During the Summer of 2017, I was a Wedding and Events Photography Intern for Creative Compositions Fine Art Photography, a small company based in Oyster Bay, NY. Before landing an internship, I knew I wanted to be working close to home due to convenience and working either on Long Island or in the Greater New York City Area, considering that’s where I will be once I have graduated; this way I can stay close with the connections I have made in the near future.

I contacted local photography businesses over the phone, email, as well as in person in the New York area asking if they were looking for interns for the summer and got lucky with Creative Compositions willing to hire me. They were the only organization that I had contacted in person and landed a position, which I believe is beneficial. The company specializes in weddings but also photographs engagements, christenings, mitzvahs, maternity, studio portraits, etc.

The company is co-owned by two individuals, one being my supervisor, Steve Bergano, who was the main photographer that I had assisted. My role in being an intern consisted of providing any additional help the company/photographer needed while learning in the process. Tasks such as setting up backdrops and lights in the studio, providing lighting assistance, editing and retouching past events/photographs in the studio - all while shadowing the photographer - has provided me with the hands-on learning experience that I had hoped for. Half of the time, I was working in the studio doing computer work and file management, while the other half I was traveling on jobs going from clients’ homes, churches, venues, beaches, and special locations.

If there were one thing I were to do differently, it would be to start interning earlier as an undergraduate. I am happy to have interned for this company, even if I may not become a specialized wedding photographer, because it has given me direction toward my career goals. I’m proud to not only have a better idea of how to work in a professional setting, but to also have learned about the business side of job searching and selling your work as an artist.