Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fab Lab Baltimore

My name is Caroline Hazero Kim and I am a junior Interdisciplinary Sculpture major at MICA. During the winter of 2014, I was a Lab Assistant Intern for Fab Lab Baltimore, located in the Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville. I found out about this opportunity on Job Search page from MICA network website. As soon as I saw this opportunity, I emailed the direct employer of the Lab, mentioning my strong interest in working with them and asking what kind of application form she is looking for. She emailed me back and I sent her my resume. After, she wanted me to stop by the office and I tried to visit the office as soon as I can. This was done toward the end of summer break.

Fab Lab Baltimore is a non-profit digital fabrication lab, community workspace, and educational center that serves as a resource for students, designers, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, other professionals, as well as businesses and institutions in Mid-Atlantic region. As a result, part of my duty was to always be educationally learning from being a participant of the lab and help customers with questions they have when using equipment. I was involved in Fab Lab conference press kit making as well as coming up with my own press kit for other conferences Fab Lab Baltimore participated. There were smaller projects such as reverse-engineering customer’s order as well as designing window display for the lab.

Mollye Bendell was my direct supervisor and Hayley Evans was my manager. Mollye was responsible for most of activities at the lab and Hayley was mostly assisting the lab. Both of my supervisors were extremely helpful when questions arose about 3D modeling and fabrication. I’m really proud to say now I have more clear idea of what machine to use and how to fabricate my ideas. My biggest take-away is the knowledge I gained in 3D fabrication field and confidence that I can also be a tech-based artist I believe little details I learned such as how joinery works, how to design press kits and functioning of a router are going to affect my future artworks a lot.

My internship experience helped me visualize in what kind of environment I will be surrounded by if I were to work in fabrication departments of any companies or architecture/furniture/design firms. I feel more comfortable in the environment and am more clarified with what to expect from my future career.