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Monday, October 2, 2017

Dusen Dusen

My name is Lucia Maher-Tatar, I am a rising Senior Interdisciplinary Sculpture major but
an interest in fashion and garment production. While making my summer plans between my junior and senior year I knew I wanted to spend the summer in a new city doing something creatively stimulating where I could practice skills and gain some knowledge to an industry. The goal was to get a glimpse into the post-BFA creative business side of things. I started my summer work search by looking at some businesses that I have
been looking at and following via the internet ranging from clothing designers to furniture makers. I contacted two businesses in March 2014 expressing who I am, where I come from, explained a bit about my interests and interest in their company along with the skills and work I have to offer. In my email I attached a copy of my
resume and a link to my portfolio.

I heard back from both companies and scheduled phone interviews which were followed by a visit to New York for in person interviews. Both interviews were successful and I confirmed with Dusen Dusen. the rest of my summer planning involved finding an apartment to sublet and a paid job. I secured a summer sublet two blocks away from Dusen Dusen’s Williamsburg based studio and contacted a restaurant/cafe called R&D foods, located in Prospect Heights with my resume, which resulted in a part time barista position.

My summer in New York has been a truly wonderful and learning experience! Upon
reaching the city I split my work in the cafe and at Dusen Dusen. Working in the studio has exposed me to the production process and distribution of clothing. Spending many days at the factories in midtown I have seen the whole process from the flat patterning and design process to passing that design along to the factories where the product will be created.

This summer has been filled to the brim with hard work, positives connections and networking (not too mention a whole lot of fun). This summer helped me to understand processes of the garment and fashion world and exposed me to the pace of New York City living and working. I am looking forward to my final year with the exposure and knowledge I have gained the summer and curiously excited about the following year with the connections I’ve made working and living through my summer in New York!

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