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Monday, October 2, 2017

Horst Baerenz-Cao

My name is Chris Nga Ha and I am a senior GFA major. During the Summer of 2014, I was a intern for Horst Baerenz-Cao, an artist who works and lives in Offenbach, Frankfurt, Germany.
I know Horst from Phuong, a very close friend of mine from Germany. She and I often exchange ideas and opinion of our works through email and phone calls. One day Phuong introduces me to Horst and shows him my works, as well as the thought of me looking for internship for the summer. Horst emailed me and asked if I want to intern for him. It was a very unexpected opportunity for me to work and travel Europe at the same time; I was delighted to accept the position.
I spent two months in Germany working as artist assistance in his office. Besides helping him with small tasks like preparing materials, cleaning and giving advices, Horst gave me the opportunity to learn and work on a project of my own, using a medium that I never tried before: print making. He provided me all the tools and material I need, giving me tips and critiques throughout my process.

It was fortunate for me that his represented gallery owner, Christine Wagner, came by and visited Horst, saw my work and asked for my permission to put my print in her gallery. It was the very first show of mine rather that MICA’s gallery. I know it doesn’t mean much but I learnt a lot about networking, presenting myself to the art world. . I think my internship was a success. I experienced professional working environment, I learnt new skills, receiving advices from a wise artist and I got my first show in Germany.

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