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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Opto Design

My name is Linka Lin. I am from Graphic Design MFA program. During this summer, I worked as a Graphic Design Intern for Opto Design, a design company based in New York City. I started looking for an internship opportunity in March of this year, and sent about thirty applications to different organizations. I got the position of Opto Design from our Graphic Design department’s weekly news email. I did a research about Opto Design and found out that this is a design company mostly focusing on branding and editorial design. I’m very interested in branding, and hope to learn more about practical typography so interning at this company would be a nice choice. I visited New York City two years ago was very impressed by the city so I felt really excited about this summer. 

My supervisors, John Klotnia and Ron Louie, began Opto Design together where they work as not only directors but also administrators. Usually, they work on separate projects and, although I worked with John more often, I learned much from both of them. 

I have skill for making motion graphics which was is one of the most important reasons that John accepted me for the internship. I spent half of my internship working on motion graphics, making moving ads and illustrations for clients. I also made a motion piece for Opto Design itself–a gif and postcards to announce their move to a new building. I also worked in branding projects like ROW NY, Becket, and Gateway School. and even did shoot photos or documenting cooperative artists’ portfolios. I learned a lot of detailed and practical tips through these tiny tasks. 

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