Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Luke Works Wood Shop

My name is James Magrogan and I am a junior Painting major.  I did my internship this summer at a shop called Luke Works. I found it through the internet as I was looking for a local wood shop. I met with the owner, Mark, who asked me about my experience in shops and hired me on the spot. Mark became my supervisor throughout the whole internship.

Luke Works is a local shop that specializes in concrete counter tops and cabinetry. As I worked there I realized they’re willing do just about any job someone throws at them. For example they made a sink out of a burlap coffee sack for a coffee shop while I was there. I was involved in this project as well as many more. I often helped install finished products in clients’ houses. Many of these were tables, countertops, and cabinets. In the shop I was responsible for cleaning and general maintenance; odd jobs. I also learned many skills in cabinet making as well as mold making for concrete.

I am most proud of something I did outside of the internship which is directly related to the internship. I made a set of tables for a restaurant I work at during the evenings. They are usable tables which adhere to my personal aesthetic taste. The skills needed to make these tables I obtained at the shop during the internship.What I take away from this experience is that you can make a living as an artisan, making things with your hands for people. This most certainly helped me solidify my career goals. I still want to peruse my career as a painter but understand that isn’t always a reliable means of income. I plan on working as an artisan to fund my work as a painter.