Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Comedy Central

My name is Alena Jaffe and I am now a senior Graphic Design major with concentrations in Printmaking and Book Arts. This past summer I was the one intern in the Off-Air Graphics Department at Comedy Central (Viacom). To get this internship I applied online at Viacom and submitted my resume, portfolio, and answered a series of questions. A woman in the College Relations department at Viacom got me in touch with Angelina Battista, the Brand Creative Director for Comedy Central, who then contacted me. I then had a phone interview with Angelina and was hired over the phone!

At Comedy Central I worked in the Off-Air Graphics department, which is the department that works on all of the print based media for Comedy Central. This includes: subway ads, billboards, website banners, invitations, logos, and promotional materials. My roles in the department involved attending meetings, brainstorm sessions, and helping design anything from logos to invitations. The projects that I am most proud of are helping with the design of the Roast of Roseanne invitation and logo as well as the Reel Works Gala Benefit invitation and logo. These projects allowed me to really understand how an entire office and creative group have to work together in all different fields of knowledge to really create the best possible solution for the project.
Comedy Central really helped me to understand the kind of work that I could be perusing when I graduate from MICA. I was able to learn not only communication skills, but also how to stand behind my ideas and not be afraid to voice my opinion on things. Most importantly, I have learned that working as a team is most always better than secluding yourself and trying to solve problems on your own. Everyone in my office was more than helpful and gave me advice and knowledge about projects and life after college that I am so grateful to have been given. 
My experience at Comedy Central was one that I will forever look back on and be able to say that my internship prepared me for graduating MICA, and what to expect when going out into the field of Graphic Design.