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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shine Creative Studio LLC

My name is Cass Lubberts and I am a Senior Film Video and Humanistic Studies major. During the summer of 2015, I was a Production Assistant Intern for Shine Creative Studio, a company based in Baltimore, Maryland. I wanted to be in Baltimore whilst doing my internship so that I could continue to support myself over the summer through independent freelance video work like I had done in previous years. During the spring semester, while I was still abroad in Prague, CZ, I started looking for internships both in Baltimore and even abroad. While reaching out to my teachers and friends, I remembered that I had met Drury a year earlier on a shoot I had helped PA for MICA Graduate, Hilton Carter. During the downtime I had as a PA for Hilton, I began talking to Drurywho I immediately likeand was interested in working with. I contacted him to see if he was available to speak about my interning at his studio.

Drury responded, asking for my resume, portfolio, and cover letter to see if I was talented enough to work for his company. After a few email exchanges, meeting with him a couple times, and once I was Stateside, we started working together. I was to be the intern for Shine Creative Studio for the summer, and he promised me some additional work for money after my internship hours were fulfilled.

This experience included a lot of shooting. During the days I worked with him and his team, we went on shoots at various locations, but sometimes we just turned his studio into a set using their movable walls and lights. We have since become friends and we understand how each other work. It was fun to spend time around people who share my interests and meet his co-workers who are both a jovial and hard working bunch. Working with Shine Creative gave me insight into the world of commercial videography, and let me imagine a world outside of freelance commercial work that I am already accustomed to so far in my professional career. I also left with many new possibilities for my portfolio, in addition to another person who can recommend me for when shomy resume to other companies in the near future.

However, about two-thirds of the way done with my internship, Drury informed me that future projects, similar to those that we had been working on, werent scheduled for a while, and he suggested that I start looking elsewhere for a place to wrap up my internship hours.

I looked at the Maryland Film Festival, and after talking and confirming with Rahne Alexander that they could definitely use me; I decided to switch and finish my hours there. I had hoped to learn more about the ins and outs of how people organize and structure Film Festivals. Obviously, that is extremely important to me, seeing as I hope to one day be in many festivals, so I thought it would be a perfect match for me.

Although it wasnt always glamorous, I definitely got a better understanding of the work being done behind the scenes at the Maryland Film Festival. If I were to remain interning there I would be able to get to view a lot of incoming films and possibly meet with more filmmakers, which is a really exciting prospect.

I hope to volunteer for more events similar to those like the Parkway Theatre celebration, and definitely plan on working at the festival so that I can be around as many films and filmmakers as possible while I am still in Baltimore.

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