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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Under Armor

My name is Leah Tipton, and I am a junior Illustration major. During the 2013-14 school year, I’ve had the great opportunity to intern with Under Armour, based in Baltimore, MD, as a Production Designer. Under Armour combines all of my passions: illustration, design, fitness, and fashion.

On a flight to Los Angeles last June, I met Shannon Burch, director of women’s apparel at Under Armour, we exchanged emails and scheduled a meeting time when we were both back in Baltimore to chat about design and Under Armour. She asked me to bring my resume and portfolio, little did I know the next time she would see me, she would offer me an intern position with our women’s apparel graphics team!
This experience has been nothing but rewarding. I’ve learned so much about the company, fashion, production, working on a team, and was able to do real-life work and see my designs go from an idea to actual print. Over the last (almost) year, I have seen more than several of my designs in stores! It’s an incredible feeling. I love working with Under Armour, and I have become so passionate about the company. I definitely want to continue working with Under Armour through the summer and hopefully after I graduate!

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