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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Radica Textiles


My name is Kira Keck, and I am a junior in the Fiber department at MICA.  In the summer of 2014, I interned with Radica Textiles, a company based in Baltimore, Maryland.  Throughout my sophomore year, I became increasingly focused on repeat patterns as a way to create both subversive art and compelling design work.  Although I had explored many aspects of creating patterns for the fine art side of my practice, I had little knowledge about textile design for commercial purposes.  I decided that an internship with a textile design company would broaden my understanding of the field while giving me experience within the industry.  A little research led me to Radica Textiles. 

Radica Textiles is a design studio run by Sarah Templin, who designs hand-drawn patterns which are screen printed on textiles suited for interior design.  These textiles are available by the yard or made into products for the home.  Sarah also works on custom projects and collaborates with fellow designers.  As an intern I assisted in product development, making samples for new products, researching material costs, and even working on colorways for a new design.  I also accompanied Sarah as she sourced various materials and met with collaborators.  Much of what I worked on was in preparation for High Point Market, an interior design and furniture fair, at which Radica Textiles will exhibit.  I assisted mainly with marketing for High Point, putting together press kits, collecting possible contacts, and making giveaway items. 

My internship with Radica Textiles has allowed me to experience how a small design studio operates and to participate in the very involved process of production, as well as exposing me to many exciting projects happening in Baltimore.  I am now more interested in pursuing textile design as a career and want to further explore options within the field.  

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