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Monday, October 2, 2017


My name is Haoqian Zhang, Graphic Design MFA 2015. From May 2014 to August 2014 I worked for 3 months in IDEO Boston oce as intern graphic designer. I learnt about this opportunity from Graphic Design MFA Director, Ellen Lupton. I turned in my CV and portfolio as soon as I can and went through a Skype interview with 2 IDEO senior designers.

IDEO is a design consulting rm with a long history. The rst Apple mouse is designed by IDEO, our works range from venture design to brand consulting. I report to Michael Hendrix, who is a communication designer and oce lead of Boston. During my internship, I worked on a publication project, which is to design a book for a design lunch activity in IDEO. I worked with Matt Brown, one of the originators of the design activity. I’m glad my work is appreciated by the whole
oce. And I learnt my project is an important part of Boston oce marketing strategy. I’m proud of being trusted to work on this project. It is certainly a great opportunity to work with all the seniors in the oce, I’d received many valuable feedbacks.

In my working process, I got better understand the role of graphic designer in business realm. I’ve also dramatically enhanced my editorial design skills.

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