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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LDO Photography

My name is Jack Sorokin and I am a junior photography major, from South Orange, New Jersey. Over the summer of 2013 I worked with photographer, Laura DeSantis Olsson at her company,
 LDO Photography. I began my internship in July, 2013 and ended it the same month, by working 5-6 days a week with Laura for 6 – 14 hours at a time. I choose this schedule collaboratively with her to maximize my educational experience.

During my internship I assisted Laura by shooting and being a second hand on shoots with such clients as, Glass Mansion, BroLab Collective at the Bronx Museum, Bangz Hair Salon, Architek Studios, and many others. We also storyboarded, produced, and shot a music video for musician, Lauren Marsh. I really enjoyed the opportunity to shoot along with Laura and assist her on this project, because it not only opened my eyes up to the possibility of freelance work available, but also let me observe Laura as a businesswoman. She is extremely good at networking and opening up opportunities for work out of any situation, and was always more than happy to explain to me why she made the business decisions and conversational choices, she did.

Laura also went out of her way to take me to museum and gallery shows, as well as other artist’s studios. I greatly appreciate her willingness to do this and pay for me to go. We went to MOMA PS1 and the Rain Room show at MOMA. We left at 5am and were in line for four and a half hours so we could get into the exhibition due to high demand and long lines. She was extremely dedicated to my internship being an educational experience. Her energy and passion really shined through in her teaching and love for photography. Out of the two previous internships I have done before, I found this internship to be the most educationally beneficial, inspiring, fun, and exciting internship I have ever done. 

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