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Friday, February 7, 2014

Peter Lucas

My name is Will Schorre and I am Junior Interdisciplinary Sculpture Major with a Sound concentration. Over the summer of 2013, I was an intern for Houston based Film and Video Artist and independent curator, Peter Lucas. I assisted Peter with many Curatorial projects as well as his own art projects. I was introduced to Peter a few years ago when he was working at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. I helped him with some sound work for an installation at the Lawndale Arts Center last summer so I contacted him about having me as an intern this summer and he agreed.

            Working for Peter, I helped with his curatorial projects, I researched films for Jazz on Film, a month long series of screenings at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. I helped Peter search for films to screen at ByDesign, a series in conjunction with the Northwest Film Forum which inspects the intersection of design and video. I helped Peter organize content for a portfolio website and helped with Foley sound work and Creating a soundtrack for “Unearthlings” an 8mm film Peter is creating.


 While assisting with Peters projects we also talked a lot about the history of cinema and the topics of the films he was screening or planning to screen. I value the knowledge I gained from talking to Peter about film and video and what it means to put together a cohesive set of films for a series.

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