Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Friday, August 23, 2013


The path to my summer internship at URBN started in late October—a good five or six months before I thought I needed to begin my internship search. The first part of the process was to electronically submit a resume, cover letter, personalized mood board for the position you wanted, and a small portfolio selection. As I was applying for the graphic design internship at Urban Outfitters, I kept everything light and fun, allowing personality to overtake the sense of seriousness often associated with resumes. In November I received a call stating that I had made progress in the process, and was invited in for an interview in early January. About a month after my visit to URBN’s campus in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, I was told that I would be returning in the summer for the internship.

Throughout my internship, I worked under Joel Evey, the Print Art Director for the in-­house design team. A majority of my assignments were event posters — individual stores have their own events, and send in a specific request for posters advertising the event. I also worked on putting together a men’s trend book for in-house use, a labeling unit for bedding packaging, gift card concepts, and new logos. I enjoyed doing the posters and learned a lot from doing them, but I think the logo options are my prized possessions.

Through my internship, I learned the ins and outs of an in-­house design department. Though Urban Outfitters is a large company and URBN even larger, the business model and attitude is very individualized. Many times, one person can change how something looks in the 170+ stores nationwide. The personal stress of quick turnarounds and constant striving for originality was hard but also very humbling. Perhaps the most important asset of my internship was neither my actions nor the work I made, but rather the personal connections I made. The entire department is full of people who are where I would like to be after graduation, and even now I can take away and learn from their wisdom and friendship.