Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Friday, October 5, 2012

FLUCT Dance Productions

During my Sophomore year Spring semester at MICA, I decided to do a summer internship in a field that involved my highest skills and interests. I used to receive emails about opportunities from a variety of staff members at MICA, and I would always read through them all. One day, I got one from Sarah Konisburg in the Sculpture department, about a costuming internship opportunity for a production planned by FLUCT Dance Productions Company. I immediately sent a message to FLUCT; in the response, I was asked to answer a few questions and submit a color palette that represented a single day on earth. Next, I received an email from Monica Mirabile and Sigrid Lauren - they congratulated me on being accepted as a costume intern for the production.

After going through the proper paperwork and getting everything approved, Monica became my immediate supervisor. She was in charge of costume design and execution, as well as hair and makeup for all twenty dancers. After she talked to the other interns and I about the album recording we were using for the dance production, we started brainstorming ideas for costumes that fit the mood Sigrid and Monica wished to create.  We would sometimes listen to the songs for inspiration, and then we would jump into actual clothing production in the studio. After the first few meetings, we had a pattern in our working style – upon arrival, Monica would give us updates about what was completed and what needed to be completed, as well as what materials we had. Then, we would either go straight to working on the costumes. As the performance approached nearer, we started organizing the costumes, moving them upstairs into the performance room, and helping set up the actual performance space. Some activities included hanging fabric to block out light and arranging chairs for the audience. On the final performance nights, we welcomed spectators in, took care of the cash box, made sure people followed rules, and helped make things run more smoothly. 

I think that what makes me most proud is the amount of work we were able to accomplish in such a short period of time. We only had a month and a half to put together an amazing, inspiring show that left people speechless, and I was amazed at the amount of dedication everyone showed toward this event. I definitely learned how to make use of every resource I have, and I learned more about my own leadership style, as I watched my supervisors act as leaders and peers simultaneously. This internship made me want to get more involved in the performance world, take performance classes, and pursue my love for costuming, makeup artistry, event coordinating in a way that brings them all together.