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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Green Product Placement

My name is Eric Beasman, and I’m a junior Film and Video major. During my 2015 spring semester, I was a marketing and media communications intern at Green Product Placement, a product placement company based out of Baltimore. I first heard about this opportunity through an email I got through MICA’s Film department. The emailed advertised an internship opportunity with a product placement company in Hampden, MD. I immediately contacted the company, and sent them a cover letter and my resume. Later that week, I was called in for an interview. After my interview, I was hired on the spot.

Green Product Placement is a product placement company that specializing in placing sustainable, and socially enterprising products in major Film and TV Shows, to create awareness for “better” brands. The goal is to place socially conscious brands in major media spots, to increase sales. These companies pay Green Product Placement to place their products in Films and TV shows to get exposure to the mainstream market.

My direct supervisor was Beth Bell, the Founder and President of the company. Her role is to run the company, organize prospect client meetings, engage product companies, and make executive decisions for the company’s future. My other supervisor was Lisa Dietrich, the Vice President and co-­‐owner of GPP. Together, they made a great management team, and gave me a positive internship experience at GPP.

My responsibilities were to manage marketing materials, including emails, online digital media files, and marketing packages. I did screen capturing when necessary, helped draft product decks to prospect new clients, researched new clients, and helped with any miscellaneous tasks around the office. The thing I’m most proud of was creating a product deck that was used to prospect a client in Amsterdam. It was rewarding knowing my worked was used to gain a new client. My biggest take-­‐away from this whole experience is that I should work in Business Development and Sales when I graduate. I learned that this is something I’m good at, and enjoy. This internship helped me develop my communications skills, improve my time management, and helped me discover what I’m good at. I think a career in Business Development and Sales is a great future career for me.

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