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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

David Edward’s

I found out about the internship position at David Edward’s through my department, Architectural Design.  David Edwards is a custom furniture manufacture, which has been operating for over 30 years.  They build furniture every day as well as creating new additions such as crating valuable items for long distance traveling.

My responsibilities were variant and flexible. I started out by organizing the literature section of the building and then moved to the design studio full-time to work on photo editing. I then worked with online contact organization and am now on the prototype floor designing furniture and making display stands for our recent health care show.

I took a way so many skills and am most proud of the doghouse I designed and built which was donated to a charity event in Pasadena California. Having the opportunity to work in the furniture industry will highly influence my ideas moving forward as I now have an understanding of the importance of a thorough and careful overview which considers the topics of productivity, cost, problem solving, connecting, networking, and promoting.

Interning at David Edward’s has been the greatest work environment I have experienced because of the strong sense of community and teamwork going into day-to-day tasks. They were truly welcoming and taught me so much about things that I had never given a second thought.  I am very grateful to have this opportunity!

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