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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

M+B Gallery

My name is Kaitlyn Conte and As a junior photography major, I was definitely stoked to get the chance to be an intern at one of the top photography galleries in Los Angeles, M+B Gallery, during the summer of 2015. I came across this gallery one day by searching a photographer named Whitney Hubbs, who I’ve known since high school and who is the person that made me realize a few years back that art is something that I could pursue as more than just a hobby. When I was searching her to find her most recent works, I came across M+B Gallery, the gallery that represents her. I went onto their website and was amazed at the forward-minded and diverse range of works and artists that the gallery represents, so I immediately emailed them to inquire about internship possibilities. Emily, the gallery assistant, emailed me back asking for my resume, cover letter, and to come in for an interview.

M+B Gallery is a white wall contemporary gallery. The gallery used to be solely photography but has recently shifted to a broader contemporary art gallery. The gallery has many connections all over the world and it really takes a lot to keep the gallery running. Most of my tasks that I was given while working there were assigned by my supervisor, the gallery’s assistant Emily, however everyone else in the gallery also gave me different assignments throughout my time there so I really got a taste of everything. As the lowest level there I did a lot of tasks that are boring yet necessary to keep a white wall gallery functioning, like dusting off the artwork in the show and making sure the place stays very tidy. I got to do much more exciting projects as well though like making a 3D model of the gallery so that the curators could plan the next show on a more visual / smaller scale. I also got to do a gallery run to Matthew Brandt’s studio to pick up some things, which was very cool because I got to see his studio and everything going on there. I also frequently got to format press for the gallery and spend a lot of time handling really incredible art works, which was also so much fun.

While I got to meet and befriend multiple artists that the gallery represents and make major connections for my future, this internship led me to realize that working in a gallery might not be the job for me. Working for people who are living my dream was inspiring but also very depressing and not something that I think I could do for a long period of time. The connections that I made while interning at M+B are really important and I learned so much about how high-end galleries are run, and so I don’t regret doing this internship at all. I guess as an intern I will always be working under someone living my dream, but in the long run working in a gallery like M+B isn’t something I would want to pursue as a career. 

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