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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wheatonarts and Cultural Center

My name is Melanie Hapner and I am a senior Fiber major.  During this past summer I was an intern at Wheatonarts and Cultural Center.  I always have had an interest in glass art, and when I had the opportunity to take the glass blowing course MICA has to offer at the Corradetti Studio, I wanted to further my knowledge about glass.  Wheatonarts is not too far from my home in New Jersey so as a child I was able to visit the community.  After the class with Corradetti I decided to email Wheatonarts about information for interning.  After speaking with Hank Adams, I was very excited to become an intern.

This has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I not only learned about glass art, but about life.  Living on a commune was a great experience and I met many people who I will continue to keep in contact.  I was also able to meet many glass artist and make connections for the future.  Everyday worked hard whether it was maintaining the facilities, repairing furniture, or helping run the bubble blowing event.  Glass blowing is a difficult skill and although I would not say I have portfolio worthy pieces, I have definitely furthered my skills and knowledge in the art.  I hope to return to Wheatonarts to work my way up to an assistant after I graduate, but if I do not, then I want to continue working with glass in the future.

I’m happy I chose Wheatonarts for my internship because it made me realize the direction I want to take my work and career.

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