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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lesley Dill

My  name  is  Deanna  Deley  and  I  am  an  Illustration  Major,  soon  to  begin  my  junior
year at MICA. In the spring, I went to the office of Career Development trying to figure out what I was going to do with my summer. I knew that I needed some real-­‐ world experience, and doing small commissions alone wouldn’t cut it. As much as I love working from home, I needed to get into something on a higher level than doing little drawings for friends. I knew that I needed more experience in the fine arts on a professional level, and that at some point I needed to spend some time in a big city like New York. My Peer Career advisor recommended I apply to an internship for Lesley Dill, a reputable contemporary artist from Brooklyn. She’s worked with man college students and has a setup for potential interns so they can enter with ease.

I  sent  Lesley  an  e-­‐mail  and  she  responded  right  away,  asking  for  an  interview. Getting there took some planning: finding a bus available during the week while avoiding schedule conflicts was a bit of an obstacle. I spoke to a teacher of mine who was kind enough to let me take a day off without it damaging my grade. I was interviewed in April and was accepted on the spot. My bus back to Baltimore didn’t leave until late that evening, so I had the opportunity to explore the city in the meantime.

I  moved  to  Red  Hook  in  May,  approximately  a  week  after  the  semester  ended  at
school. I wasn’t lucky enough to receive a scholarship, but was fortunate to have family in the area, an aunt and uncle who allowed me to stay with them. I had four days to get unpacked and settle in before the intern work began.

Lesley’s  studio  is  open  to  interns  three  days  a  week,  from  Wednesday  through
Friday. On these days, we are responsible for building and assembling the materials that go into each piece. The body of work in progress that I was involved with was a collection of freestanding, life-­‐sized dresses, constructed from a variety of mediums from metal to painting. Everything Lesley does is based on a song or poem, and language is the heart of her creations. Each sculpture was either made up of or covered in words that match the literary passages. The piece I was mainly assigned to was made of layers upon layers of cutout metal layers, and then sewn together. This  piece  was  just  recently  completed,  and  in  my  remaining  time  I  was  given various  jobs,  including  painting  letters  on  another  dress,  and  silver  leafing  a chandelier.

I don’t know that my main focus in the future will be sculptural, but I am becoming familiar with all the people involved in making art, both inside and outside the handiwork. I feel this will benefit me in my future endeavors as an artist as well as a businesswoman.  

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