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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jonathan Adler

    My name is Rose Love and I am a Sophomore Interdisciplinary Sculpture major. Jonathan Adler started out as a ceramic designer but now designs home goods for the entire home.  He is still very much involved with the design of everything the company does.  He is the spokesman for his brand and he travels around the world promoting his business and himself.  He has become an icon in his industry! He even sits in as a judge on design show panels.  But most important to me he is that he is still very much involved in the design of everything the company makes with his name on it.  My direct supervisor was Melissa.  She was responsible for taking Eddie’s original models and transforming them into a perfect production prototype to send to the factory. These pieces were not finished, they were not glazed.  They were fired and sent on to the factory.  Then there is a discussion about color and glaze.  This information would then be given to the factory in an e-mail. 

What am I most proud of?  Toward the end of my internship I was asked to work on a bowl they had made on my own.  They trusted me to take what I had learned and put it to work with this piece.  On my last day I was able to take off the tape on the piece I had worked on and the result was beautiful and everyone was very very happy!  I also have to say I am proud that I was competent enough to be accepted into the studio and to be allowed to work side by side with some truly amazing people.  When I took this internship I was a bit worried that I would not be comfortable.  That I would be treated like someone at the bottom.  In fact what I fould instead was that everyone at the company from the receptionist to Jonathan himself was always incredibly kind, respectful and helpful.  As  result I felt more confident and more capable which allowed me to grow and learn without any fear.
This internship has made me certain that I want to be a part of the design or art world.  We all come to school with big ideas about who we can be but sometimes when faced with the day to day of that idea you realize you in fact would not be happy.  In my case I am more convinced than ever after this experience that I will end up as a fine artist or maybe a designer.  Having the good fortune to see someone who started from nothing and built an empire on his own while still remaining in touch with what he originally loved…designing was truly inspiring.   I am so happy that I got to work with an amazing group of people.  The people at JA are like a family.  They are all extremely passionate about their work and are all fulfilling their own dreams in their own ways.

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