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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

DuJour Magazine

My name is Christina Kwiek and I am a rising senior graphic design major at MICA. This past summer I interned at DuJour Magazine in New York City, a luxury lifestyle magazine started only a few years ago. During my search for a summer internship towards the end of my junior year, I knew that I was interested in working in fashion and publication design, and also that I wanted to be in New York to really surround myself with the most successful and inspirational people I could that were currently working in that field. I reached out to Sarah Olin, the Senior Designer at DuJour Magazine, after finding it on a list of independent magazines with a focus on fashion being published in New York. After meeting with her over spring break for an interview, I was offered an internship position as the art/design intern at the magazine for ten weeks over the summer.

Working at DuJour was truly an experience unlike any other, and I can confidently say that it solidified my desire to work in the world of fashion publications post graduation this year. Working under both Sarah, and Stephanie Jones, the art director, I was able to work on a multitude of different projects and gain exposure to so many different topics and trends at the magazine. I worked a lot with the web editors throughout my entire time there, working to translate print stories to web and do image research for new visual approaches to the imagery on the website. As I worked longer at DuJour, I was eventually able to start working on layouts for actual pages in the magazine, and even ended up getting a photo collage I created published for one of the stories in the Fall 2014 issue of the magazine. I worked there basically from the conception of the Fall issue to its final production during my last week, and feel like I really came full circle in seeing the entire process of the art departments role in the creation of a quarterly magazine.

This experience was definitely unforgettable for me, and I feel like the connections I made both in and out of the office will be ones that will hopefully further pave the way for my own personal success in a career in fashion publication design.

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