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Monday, October 2, 2017

Jimmy Joe Roche

 My name is Will Schorre and I am an Interdisciplinary Sculpture major. I completed an internship MICA so we were acquainted but the way I got this internship was by way of a Facebook post that Jimmy Joe Roche made. In his post he was asking for an intern with a certain set of skills, most all of which were skill that I have. I contacted him and told him that I have most all of the skills that he listed in his post and that I would like to work with him. We planned to meet for lunch and talk about what the internship would require and it seemed like a good fit.
  Jimmy Joe Roche is a multidisciplinary artist working mainly in Film and Video and Sculpture. His sculptures are usually large wall hanging cut paper pieces with many layers woven together creating a mandala type forms. I have been helping Jimmy with making some new sculptures using wood. We have been creating vector files of the designs for the sculptures and cutting the designs on a CNC router. The pieces that have been cut then will be assembled to create three dimensional forms, some free standing, and some that hang on a wall. One of the main things I have been involved in working on as a part of this project has been how to join the pieces of this sculpture together. I am really interested in CNC joinery, and figuring out the most efficient ways to join things, so this has been a fun task for me

I think working with Jimmy I have learned a lot about what it means to make work using technology like the CNC router. I have learned especially of what a complex way of thinking and working these digital fabrication techniques require. I have enjoyed also to be able to talk with Jimmy about the things were making and things that I have been working on in some of my other classes.

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