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Friday, June 13, 2014


           My name is Chris Fortney and I am a Senior Painting Major. I found out about the internship opportunity with GKV through my Dad. He manages at a manufacturing plant in Baltimore, and the guy who used to own the place is friends with the CEO of GKV, Robert Grey. They communicated with each other on my behalf, and then an interview was set with one of the head Creative Directors. I met Roger after the interview, and he offered me the internship with GKV.

GKV is a full-on advertising firm that handles everything for their clients, from the conception of an idea to it’s completion in any media. My direct supervisors were the digital art directors, and I worked closest with Brent Williams. His role is to translate the ad campaigns into digital advertisements for web and smartphone application. I was responsible for a lot of leg work, because much of the digital side of design happens in multiples. There may be a single ad that says the same thing, but it needs to be built five different times at different sizes, resolutions and with slight variations. I was given creative freedom where I could take it, and mostly worked at the computer with Photoshop creating or editing designs.
I’m proud of a lot of the work that I did at GKV! I think I was able to complete my end of the projects quickly enough, and I became close with Brent in the process. I’ve taken a lot away from GKV, and have learned through discussions with Brent a lot of creative strategies to finding a job as a graphic designer. In a way, it really has clarified my goals for a career outside of fine art. 

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