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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Current Space Darkroom

My name is Emily Mason and I am a Senior Photography Major. For the past year I have been working as an assistant for the founder of the Current Space Darkroom, Ginevra Shay, in
Baltimore. I first heard of the position at Current Space from my teacher’s assistant in a photography class who was also involved with the Current Space darkroom. Through speaking to
him I was able to set up an interview with Ginevra to discuss my interest. Shortly after meeting with Ginevra she asked me my availability and started working the next week.

At Current Space I was responsible for finalizing the building of the darkroom, emailing Kickstarter donators, attending show opening, installing/de-intalling shows, acting as dark room tech/assistant, acting as curatorial assistant, and designing T-shirts for kickstarter donors. Through out this year long internship there were a lot of bumps in the road that prevented us from opening up the darkroom on time. Though the wait was long, I am most proud of my time spent assisting Ginevra in teaching the first darkroom class. It was very inspiring to see strangers learn and create a final product using the medium of photography.

Interning at Current Space was a very important experience. I most valued my time becoming a part of a community space that encourages art making. It was inspiring to see the studios of the local artists making work constantly even after graduating. In helping our community thrive, art must be apart of the growth. Working at Current Space has made me realize the reward of making the creation of art possible amongst a supportive art community.

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