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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flix FX

   My name is Connie Chong and I am an Interdisciplinary Sculpture major. I had a wonderful experience during my internship with a small properties company (prop shop) in Hollywood. I learned a great many things, one of the most important was to remember that there is a hierarchy, the bigger lesson was that when there are several managers and or bosses the hierarchy is often complicated, but no matter how complicated it is up to you the employee to get it straight. There is also a lesson of trust, not only in others which is what I had learned in my previous experience at the Lyric Opera House, but in you. You have to push, and trust yourself that you can get the job done.
            Here is why:
If you don’t get the job done:
-       Bosses will obviously be extremely unsatisfied
-       The client of the job in which you were working for will be extremely unsatisfied
-       You will be harder on yourself than anyone else
With that being said there are exceptions. Luckily my employer Marc Pollack is very realistic with the time allotted for making props and sets. If there is a slight set back it is okay as long as the job is done in a reasonable time frame. By working on productions such as Disney’s Frozen, Walking with Dinosaurs, Turbo, etc. you realize all these jobs are fairly fast paced and you have to learn to exceed expectations. You also learn to work with a variety of people of multiple age groups and discipline.

I think the part that I enjoyed most was working with various people with various skills and just having to get to know them was a honor. I also thank Mr.Pollack and Mr.Newman for having me under their wing and cannot wait to get back to work with them when I come back home.  

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