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Friday, February 28, 2014

Feats, Inc.

My name is Katie Mazikins and Feats, Inc. was the first company I approached at the career fair last March – the firstcompany I’d ever approached about any design internship, in fact. I was intrigued byFeats because they were so different from most of the design companies that were there. Feats is an event-planning agency; companies, universities and very, very rich people hire them to make their events and parties especially “special”. The design team at Feats is responsible for everything that goes in to an event – environmental design, interior design, lighting, graphics, video, publications – the list goes on and on. I thought that an internship with Feats would be far more challenging and
rewarding than a typical design firm – and I was exactly right.

I interned with Feats this summer from July to the end of August, 9-5 Monday through Thursday (although I did come in on a few Fridays to meet some deadlines). I worked with Creative Director, Danielle Nekimken and Designer, Todd Brizzi (both graduates of MICA) on a variety of projects – I created large-scale graphics to be used at events, designed invitations, created (and painstakingly put together) pitchbooks to show clients, made mockups and mood boards – I got to work on a bit of everything.

Working at Feats was a great experience – it confirmed for me, without a doubt, that
design is what I want to do.

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