Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Shannon Associates

My name is Christina Dacanay and I’m a senior Illustration major. Over this past summer I was an intern for an artist agency called Shannon Associates in New York. One of my teachers at MICA, Alan Comport, worked for them for a number of years and directed me to them during the school year. Shannon Associates represents over 100 illustrators worldwide and they’re responsible for connecting clients to artists, managing the contracts and finances, and promoting the artists.

I shared an office space with Simon Bollinger, a senior artist agent who has worked at SA for nearly 20 years as both an agent and chief financial officer. My responsibilities initially included graphic design work for all the printed promotional material for the represented artists, uploading portfolios, and key wording. As I was able to showcase more diverse skills, I was set to the task of setting up, improving, and managing SA’s Internet presence on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Behance, and a number of other platforms.

While I am proud of the online network I created for Shannon Associates, I’m most proud of the relationships I developed with my bosses. Because I was the only intern I felt able to flex my muscles in an attempt to impress them, and they responded with enthusiasm and support. They are two very good friends and resources I plan on keeping close. They rewarded me with lots of very valuable knowledge about the illustration field. I learned the basics of reading and understanding contracts, how to differentiate from a beautiful portfolio and a commercial one, and the true importance of adhering to deadlines. While my ultimate career goals remain a bit foggy, with the help of Shannon Associates I was able to apply my skills in a valuable way and build a network of knowledgeable friends.