Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nell Hoving

My name is Carrie Anne Kelly. I am a Junior Photography Major with a concentration in Graphic Design. This summer, I interned for Philadelphia photographer, re‐toucher, and designer, Nell Hoving. I have been an acquaintance of Nell over the past few years and initially met her through a fellow Philadelphia sports photographer that I worked for last summer. As I got to know Nell through sporadic conversations we had here and there over the years, I learned about the work she had been doing. Upon viewing her website, I learned that not only was she a photographer, but she was also a graphic designer, similar to what I wanted to do with my career. Nell is a very accomplished artist who photographs politicians, events, and portraits for many of her clients. I knew I wanted to intern with her this summer because not only do her clients vary, but also, she has a very successful freelance business. When thinking about who I wanted to intern for this summer, Nell immediately came to mind. So, I contacted her through email expressing my desire to work alongside with her this summer and she decided to take me on!

Nell is considered a freelance photographer and she works for herself. With that being said, she has a wide variety of clients. She has photographed the “What I Love” section for Philadelphia Magazine many times, politicians including current President Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton, and her most recent client is 5&Below. In addition Nell is a portrait photographer and photographs weddings and engagement sessions. When she is not out photographing events, Nell is a co‐owner of a Philadelphia studio, Philadelphia Productions Rental Studio.

During my time interning for Nell, I took on various tasks. Typically my tasks included assisting her on whatever photo shoot she was doing that day. If we were shooting in the studio, my job was to set up and break down the lighting sets, adjust the lighting, and edit briefly through the photographs as they were being taken. If we were photographing on location outdoors, my tasks included second shooting, holding scrims/reflectors, helping with posing, and carrying her camera and lighting equipment. There were other projects I worked on as well. These included creating sample wedding and engagement albums for Nell’s clients. Nell would send me the files to be included, and I was in complete charge of designing these books. Because Nell’s jobs constantly vary, these are just some of the jobs I was given.

Working for Nell has helped me to strengthen a lot of the skills I already had, as well as add new ones. However, the biggest thing I learned was to constantly work hard, market, and always smile. If there is one thing Nell is known for, it is her vibrant personality. She is definitely the person you want to work for you. She goes above and beyond to meet her client’s needs. Now that I have had this amazing opportunity, I know that my goals are totally attainable. It’s hard to know in the world of art if you will truly make a living out of what you want to do. Nell is a great example of a successful businesswoman, yet artist. Because I have had the chance to work with such a successful individual, I now have more drive to work harder and market myself even more, so that I can keep moving up in the world of commercial photography.