Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Under Armour

My name is Theo Pinto and I'm a senior Environmental Design Major. In November last semester I received a email from Under Armour college recruiter Kevin Wright who asked me for an phone interview. Three weeks later I was stepping foot at Under Armour's HQ down in Fort McHenry. Under Armour is a relatively new athletic apparel company that is mainly focusing on hi-tech sportswear. In less than 15 years has become a competitor with world's elite brands such as Nike and Adidas and it keeps growing exponentially. The company's vision is to "Make all athletes better".

The company's creative teams are divided into specific kinds of apparel or areas of marketing such as footwear, accessories and such. I was invited to work on the retail brand team. This team is responsible for the development of everything that has to do goes into a UA's store or a in store. From the fixture design, and display design to the graphics that serve each product. My role as a industrial
design was to assist on the concept development and design of all of these areas. The projects that I participated where focused on fixture development, environmental graphics, and packaging design. Some of the projects I have the honor to contribute were the UA's installation at the NFL-X event for the 13' Super Bowl in New Orleans, and the fixture design for the launch of the "Spine'' Shoe.

Interning at Under Armour has not only given me the prospect of job but I have learned and grown immensely with this experience. Learning the in's and out's of
the corporate world, I feel more confident and calm in a professional setting. I have learned to present my ideas in a way that I had never experienced before. If there is one thing that will take from this experience is the importance of networking keeping a good relationship with your mates and how that can make you grow in a professional setting just as much as the quality of your work.