Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oxman Studios

I found out about the internship at Oxman Studios from the Career Development’s listing on the MICAnetwork website. I was interested in it because it seemed like an opportunity to apply some of my mold making skills and learn more about casting. I emailed the artist, Zachary Oxman, and introduced myself and explained that I was interested in interning in his studio.

Zach was my main supervisor throughout the entirety of the internship. He mostly makes and sells bronze cast figure sculpture. Zach work in his own studio, which also functions and his personal gallery. His wife, Jana, works from their home office and is responsible for the marketing and selling of Zach’s work. I worked both in the studio/gallery and in the home office. In the studio I spent several weeks applying rubber and plaster to a life size clay sculpture that Zach has made as a commissioned piece and later helped him fill the molds with wax that would eventually be replaced with bronze. In the studio I was also given small tasks such as painting pedestals, sweeping and mopping the floors, and scrubbing small bronze figures. At the in home office I mostly was responsible for stuffing, sealing, labeling, and posting hundreds of marketing newsletters for several weeks.

I am most proud of making the mold for a life size sculpture and aiding Zach in the preparation required to turn the clay figure sculpture into a bronze work of art. I really appreciated having this first hand experience and seeing what its like to make art everyday and depend on selling it as your sole income. This experience helped me realize many things about my career goals. It mostly importantly made me realize that I would not enjoy the solitary environment of an artist’s studio and I would also would not like to make art and rely on it as a living. In this way I was able to broaden my view of potential career paths and accept a position in the Christie’s Education Master’s program in London for next year.

- Anne Jackson, Interdisciplinary Sculpture