Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lyric Opera House

Hello my name is Connie Chong; I am usually 
addressed as Frost. I am an interdisciplinary Sculpture student with a concentration in Ceramics. Over the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semester I was lucky to be the properties assistant and intern for the Lyric Opera House of Baltimore. I found this job purely out of luck. After having visited my friend’s apartment and talking about a possible career choice in theatre and film making weapons and props I happened to see two people taking a break outside the Lyric Opera House. These two people were Lisa Mion and Andrew Esposito. I got the nerve to ask them if they worked at the opera house and if there was maybe a chance I could intern for them. Delighted they told me that they were just talking about having a properties assistant. After that night I began to work for the Lyric Opera House.

Although the Lyric Opera House hosts many shows there are two Opera performances per year. In Fall 2012 I was involved in La Boheme and this semester (Spring 2013) I am involved in Rigoletto. My supervisor first and foremost is the fabulous James Harp (Jim) he is the Artistic Director of the entire Lyric Opera House and has graciously allowed me to be his properties intern. My supervising manager is the stage manager Michael Sperber. He directs the production as well as organizes the entire opera and all its wonders. As a properties assistant my responsibilities go anywhere from buying and relaying images to my stage manager (Michael Sperber) and making props such as: masks, brooms, jester staffs, re-breakable plates, etc.  I am most proud of my ability to take numerous tasks, classes, and job and survive. Having had about seven classes, an internship, and a job I never doubted my ability to handle my work load. I am also proud of one of my first props for La Boheme which was to make a portrait of the main female lead with oil paint on canvas. It turned out marvelous and the opera actress/ singer took it back home with her to Russia.

Throughout the entire experience there were many things going on in my life: family, moving, classwork. Despite all the chaos I was able to adjust accordingly and did so successfully, I am amazed I am breathing as of this moment. I have learned that no matter what life throws at an individual, through hard work and determination anything can be conquered. I am unstoppable as long as I believe that to be true.

After having worked at the Lyric Opera House I feel that the production crew, and its entire staff even the actors and actresses create a family environment. Everyone tries to understand and to be polite, and this helps me continue to make good work. I hope to have more of that kind of attitude in my work place in the future. I have realized my passion is to make props. I love being needed behind the scenes as much as an actor and/or actress is on stage, and when the audience cheers it is for everyone and everything that goes into making the show. This experience has become a key step into my future as a Properties Master.