Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm

The Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm is a co-housing community located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, with Green homes and a green philosophy in mind as a way of life. Adjacent to the housing units lie the organic farm fields in which support the CSA shares. The CSA, or community supported agriculture, connects people and the organic foods they eat to the farm directly.

Todd Horner, my site sponsor, is a self employed farmer who plans and runs the farm project. There were about 1 to 2 other interns other than myself, along with the people from the neighborhood and community who had working shares.

As an intern I worked about 32 hours, 4 days a week. My job as an intern was to complete tasks in the fields to maintain the gardens, fields, crops, and prepare for the harvest. The tasks assigned varied on a day to day basis, and I followed under my site sponsor’s, instructions. In the fields I completed jobs such as planting seeds, transplanting plants or flowers, creating beds, building a trellis system to support the tomato and pea plants, removing rocks, post pounding, and harvesting on harvest mornings two days a week, in preparation for families to pick up their shares. As an organic organization Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm implemented solely organic methods of farming such as use of compost, rock powders, natural fertilizers, and killing any crop bugs with our bare hands.

During my internship at Nubanusit, I learned so much about growing food, why it is important to implement organic techniques in farming, and where our future in the food industry might be headed. I learned that being a dependable and hard worker will get me that much farther in anything I am educating myself in, and I am looking forward to a possible future that includes farming and the food industry. As I have grown with the plants, I have also been working on ideas of how to educate the public on where our food industry needs to go through Illustration. As I still have ideas in the works for using art to educate, I know I still have much more to learn within the field.