Submitted by students, these are previous internship experiences told first-hand.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mission Media

At Mission Media, I worked as an in house video editor. Todd Harvey was my direct supervisor, while Mark Kubat, who is the Art Director, helped me with the general mood of the videos that I was editing. Everyone in the office was all very helpful during the process of editing all the way until the final videos were completed. The videos that I edited were three STX Golf commercials that are now up on the company’s Facebook page. 

The first video I edited was a little challenging because I had to match the style of the STX Golf videos that were done before. After the first one, I eventually got the sense of how the video should look as a finished product.  After editing the STX Golf videos I moved on to writing a script for the company’s demo reel. I finished writing and blocking out the shots for the demo reel, but by the time to shoot the reel, I was put on another very important project. I then starting working with Nick Midwig who was an independent filmmaker who had been hired to come in and film the Baltimore Zoo Campaign commercials. For a while I assisted him, and now we are editing the videos together. I enjoyed working at Mission Media, and now I work there as a paid part- time employee. Since I was hired, I am now able to continue with the demo reel and other fun projects with the company through my school year.
-Calvin Blue '13, Video