Find an Internship

Locating and Securing an Internship

Decide the Type of Internship You Want to Complete

Start thinking about what type of internship you would like to have.  If you have an interest in exploring a certain type of work setting, then you will want to focus your search appropriately.

Search for an Internship 

There are many different places you can start your search for an internship.  Here are some resources for you to start your search:

  • Search Career Development’s website where employers post opportunities to MICA students and alumni (you will have to register and be approved for access).  Once logged in, you can also see a history of MICA internships under "Internship Resources
  • Come to one of our weekly Internship Info Sessions led by our Peer Career Advisors (PCA's) to learn strategies to search for internships, and how to register for your experience for academic credit at MICA.  Call or visit the office to find out the schedule for these sessions.
  • Talk to MICA faculty, staff, and alumni. They may be able to provide you with professional contacts in a particular area.
  • Magazines like Art Forum, Wired, or Art In America can be great resources to find contact information for companies, organizations, or artists. You can find the most recent copies in the Career Development Library or the Decker Library.
  • Doing research online can lead to a wide range of internship options. For example, many companies and organizations have websites where they list internship opportunities such as MoMA.  Example:
After you try these strategies, if you need additional help, a Career Counselor is available to assist you with your search. To schedule an appointment, call 410.225.2420

Examples of Internship Hosts for Students of Art and Design

  • Museums provide exposure to curatorial work, art education, fundraising and event planning experience, exhibition design, research, and organizational planning.
  • Practicing studio artists provide opportunities for students to learn about managing a business, marketing artwork, networking, and time management between studio and business practices.
  • Local and national theatres provide students with a variety of experiences for visual artists from costume and set design to fundraising and playwriting.
  • Community art organizations encourage students to get involved in local communities by creating public art or teaching art in underserved communities.  They also involve the student in curatorial projects in their galleries and experience exhibition planning.
  • Multimedia design studios hire students to assist with various design projects, participate in creative team meetings, and interact with clients; interest areas are in graphic design, interactive media, web design, print and package design.
  • Local and national magazines and newspapers offer a range of experience to students studying illustration, graphic design, and photography.
  • Interior Design and Architecture firms and other Environmental Design internships provide experiences in the areas of planning, production, and design.
  • Students interested in Conservation find internships with museum conservation departments and with private conservators.
  • Production Studios often provide internships for students in video and film with documentaries, major motion pictures, and television series’ to learn from as production assistants.

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