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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Globe Collection and Press

Hello! I’m Iris Lee and I am currently a sophomore Graphic Design major working at Globe Collection and Press at MICA during the fall semester of 2015.  The Globe Collection and Press is located, as the title would suggest, within MICA – specifically in the second floor of the Dolphin Building. Globe is a letterpress business and shop that had previously closed, but has now been restored to welcome MICA students. Globe, along with its interns, continue to take on advertising jobs, creating posters and other merchandise.

While I was in high school, I was introduced to screen-printing and soon was making a lucrative business from selling hand printed t-shirts out of my backpack. Interestingly, I found out about Globe before I had become a student at MICA. I had been checking out their Instagram and had actually contacted Allison Fisher, the coordinator of Globe Press to receive more information as to how I could intern with them. She emailed the application to me and I also had the chance to sit down and have a chat with her during the MICA Internship + Career Fair. I even went up to the Globe booth at Art Market to pick up some notebooks. Hunting Allison down so many times proved to be beneficial as I was accepted as an intern for the fall of 2015.

As a studio intern, I am usually at the printing press printing whatever needs to be done, assembling merchandise, designing, or cleaning up. I would say that out of all the projects we have undertaken at my time at Globe, printing the Sun Ra Arkestra posters was most rewarding. The end product was lovely and I was proud to have taken a part in the process.

Something to take away from this internship was how seeing through tasks was very important. It can be easy to not take unpaid internships easily, but I regarded it as a job that, of course, I wanted to succeed in.

That being said, while I do want to steer towards a more digital direction in my career path, I still would love to be able to get physical with my work whenever I can.

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